The Token

It is with great intention that we created the Token. The Token has great significance to our company and will be found on every garment. 

By definition, a “token” is a thing serving as a visible or tangible representation of a fact, quality, or feeling. This also holds true for the word "embody"; to be an expression of or give tangible form to an idea, quality, or feeling. Embody is the first step in self exploration and a huge part of what Token of Virtue stands for as a company. 

The colour of the Token is gold and is a representation of the heart of the earth. The earth's inner core is believed to be solid gold and gives influence to the expression heart of gold. Gold is illuminating, sacred, and durable; it is all around precious.

The size and shape of the Token is the exact size of a dime. Many people believe that dimes are a sign of communication from someone that has passed on, letting them know they are not alone; this belief has great significance in the creation story of how Token of Virtue came to be. Represented by the number ten, the dime also carries significance as the number ten symbolizes coming full circle. It is our mission for people on their virtuous journey to return to their child like being; virtuous without ego. Ego is believing either one is better than or not enough. Virtue plays an important role when dealing with ego as it is the golden mean between these two states. 

The design of our logo on the token was created with an expansive ripple effect. It is symbolic of gratitude and the golden ratio. The golden ratio (phi) is considered the most beautiful number in the universe and it’s sequence can be visualized almost everywhere, starting from geometry, to nature to the human body itself. It is considered the divine proportion. 

Lastly the placement of the Token will always be located on the left hip. This is personal to our Co-Founder & CEO and adds a specialized touch to each garment. The left hip represents great strength, courage, support and steadfastness.