To live virtuously, you must strive to understand the concept of balance. According to Aristotle, vices of moral virtue are extremes of excess and deficiency. In order to comprehend and encompass virtuous behaviour, you must practice and form appropriate attitudes towards both pleasure and pain; not too much or too little of either. This can be accomplished through practice and forming virtuous habits rather than simply using reasoning and instruction; practice makes perfect. 

When I look back on the times of my life where I was the most joyous, most fulfilled, and most inspired, I realized it was always when I was living my life authentically. It was when I had balance, harmony, and when I was the most grounded. It was when I could reflect on all that I had to be grateful for that I was living my most virtuous life.

I have always been motivated by inspirational quotes, beautiful clothing, and all the feelings of connecting with people. What better way to have all the things that I love in one place than this community of Token of Virtue. This company is not something that I created, but rather has been inspired over the course of my life through all of its seasons. This is a true journey of faith; each passion, each career, each person along the way has been an incredible gift of influence ultimately leading me here.

If you are reading this, you are meant to be here. It is my hope that you can find inspiration in our messages, that we can share a moment together, and that you can pour your heart into all that you do and shine your light onto this world. 

~Janette A. Boyter