Token of Virtue started with 3 young moms, 3 beautiful baby girls and a connection so strong that no words could describe it. Longtime friends of almost 10 years, their friendship consisted of dancing, retreats, and simply escaping from the chaos life sometimes brought. Each friend was so different from the next but their individual passion for life connected them in such wonderful ways. And that’s when it happened, all three moms announced they were pregnant! Amazed at the fact they were all expecting, these moms were in search of deeper meaning and guidance to assist them on their path of motherhood. 

With maternity leave came more time to reflect on the true meaning of their lives. Each week these women would "Come Together" and meet with a deck of cards that spoke the virtues of humanity. They would each pull a card from the deck, each card with a meaning, affirmation, and step to fully embrace the virtue before them. Each woman was given a chance to speak authentically while the others held space for her bravery and strength. These meetings became a safe place to speak their truths, work through hardships, and be completely free to be themselves. The love these women shared with each other was the deepest form of respect. As time passed and life happened, these meetings became few and far between until they eventually were no longer. Even though these women were no longer reflecting together, the profound impact and lessons learned over the years have remained to this day. 

In the summer of 2020, 16 years later, one of the moms lost her courageous battle to cancer. In her final days she called for her friends to once again “Come Together” to reminisce and reflect on her life journey and encourage them to continue their path of virtuous living. 

“Death is an incredible opportunity to awaken.” - Ram Dass

Her passing, although such an enormous loss, was the birth of Token of Virtue and a way to honour her sweet soul.