Why BAMBOO is our #1 fabric choice.

We were definitely in the market for an Eco-Friendly fiber, which means that the production process has a low impact on the environment. Bamboo stood out because of the low water need, no use of pesticides or fertilizers to grow and there is not the concern for replanting after harvest because it grows new sprouts from the roots. This makes BAMBOO one of the world's most sustainable resources. 

Benefits of Bamboo fabrics:

- Antibacterial and anti fungal, resistant to odour, mildew and mold

- Highly absorbent to draw moisture from the body

- Fast drying

- Very breathable

- Thermal regulation - keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter

- Naturally UV- Resistant

- Superior Softness

- Hypoallergenic

- Durable and long lasting

- Biodegradable