It is unfortunate how much attention we give to a size. A subjective size on a tag has the powerful ability to define how one feels about themselves and their value as a person. This got us thinking:

What’s in a size? Does size really matter? Does size define us as a person? 

To answer these questions we must think about size through a different lens. Consider the difference between a house and a home. The outward display of our house, how other people view it from the outside, is nothing other than our appearance; it’s the subjective perception of others. The home on the other hand is everything on the inside. It is how we live our lives, how we love, how we communicate to others, and how we speak to ourselves. The home is the kindness we show, the respect we demonstrate, how we perform in adversity, and how we show up for ourselves and others. It is the all encompassing representation of our character. When we are genuine and live our truth, our home can’t be anything but beautiful. 

“If the whole world was blind how many people would you impress?” - Boonaa Mohammed

When contemplating how much impact size can play on one’s perspective of their worth, we knew we needed to reconsider how we emphasized this construct. Each day we have the opportunity to step into life with positivity and gratitude instead of negativity and deprecation. This is why we encourage all beings to look inwards, see their true value, and live from that place of power and authenticity. How amazing would it be if each day we told ourselves “I am limitless” or “I am significant”. What if we affirmed “I am extraordinary” or I am exquisite”. How would these simple affirmations change our day?

It is our belief that everyone is individually unique, beautiful, remarkable, and can achieve greatness; everyone matters. So when we ask the question does size matter the answer is simple. The size of our body is truly insignificant whereas the size of our being has the utmost importance.